Born Again

I recently read a blog post on, and in that post author Max Davis explains how, as a born-again believer, Jesus Christ is present in everything we do.

Here’s some quoted text from the post:

What do you mean when you write “the sacred in the ordinary”?

Max Davis: As born-again believers, when we truly grasp that Jesus is inside us and live from that reality, it changes how we view everything from the mundane to the difficult. Instead of going to church, for example, we understand that we are the church. We’re Jesus’ hands and feet. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, not some building. Thus, making everywhere we go potentially as sacred as the chapel—the supermarket, the office, the classroom, the health club, the dialysis center, etc.

Because Jesus is present with us, it grieves him when we sin as well. When we understand the reality of the indwelling Christ, it affects the way we conduct our lives. Jesus’ presence in us can transform atmospheres, giving off his fragrance, bringing peace, offering grace and hope to a hurting world. It may sound simple, but the truth is: most Christians say they believe, but live as though Jesus is still in the tomb. He’s not! He’s very much alive today showing up in ordinary people, doing extraordinary and sometimes even supernatural things.

This got me thinking.

I know many born-again believers who are currently consuming the feast of conservative ideology ever present in the current Administration, and revealed with such glamour through Media such as Fox News, The Blaze, and Breitbart.

And I wonder how many “believers” understand this basic tenet from their religious ideology: Christ is always with them.

Believers who blindly repeat sound bites from media (both liberal and conservative), who lean into the divisive rhetoric of their political leaders and incite violence against other people (who have also been made in God’s image), who ignore the atrocities happening daily around them (His earth lain waste for corporate gain, His children stolen away from their families as they search for a better life, the list goes on…), and who have raised up as idols those who so viciously attack such an important sentiment of the Sermon on the Mount, the Golden Rule.

I wonder if those believers realize Christ is with them even as they repeat these sound bites and embrace this divisiveness, and how much pain they inflict on Him when they do.